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vm_have_a_day's Journal

The Veronica Mars Have-A-Day Challenge
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Have you ever had one of those days? A good day. A bad day. A day full of love. A day where you just knew you were going to be ambushed by an evil clown. Yeah. We all have. So has everyone in Neptune, California, for that matter (although less evil clowns and more crazy drama, I'd imagine).

Are you ready to explore all of the action that a day can bring?

• Sign-up with your name and E-mail
• Fics should be 1000 words or more
• Any pairing/character/rating/genre is acceptable, as long as the fic is Veronica Mars-centric
• You must incorporate your prompt in SOME way
• Sign-ups run from now until June 8th
• Fics are due on July 27th
• Voting will take place for two weeks following the fic deadline