sadiekate (sadiekate) wrote in vm_have_a_day,

Fic: Fresh Egg (Logan, Wallace) PG-13

Title: Fresh Egg
Author: sadiekate
Pairing/Character: Logan, Wallace
Word Count: 1,045
Rating: PG-13, for language
Summary: Logan and Wallace do a physics project. Logan thinks a lot, while Wallace gives him meaningful glances. I swear it's not boring, though.
Spoilers: Through 2.18.
Warnings: Mild bad language. Excessive ADD inner monologuing.
Author's Note: Written for the vm_have_a_day challenge. X-posted to veronicamarsfic and fic_from_mars.

"Why?” Logan asks, genuinely curious, and Wallace favors him with a combination of the Slow Children At Play Sign look, and the I Have Table Saws Less Tool-Like Than You look.
Tags: fic, round one, sadiekate
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