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Have-A-Day Winners!

Huge congratulations go out to all of the winners! Award banners will be up soon, and once I figure out when challenge two is running, those details will be posted. Yay!

Hottest Fic:
Pour Some Sugar On Me by txtequilanights

Best Angst:
The Brilliance of Breathing Sunshine by defybrevity

Best Comedy or Fluff:
In Conclusion: Dick by strippedpink

Most Original:
The Brilliance of Breathing Sunshine by defybrevity

Best Characterization: We have a tie!
Fresh Egg by sadiekate
Rush by bigboobedcanuck

Most Interesting Pairing/Characters:
Your Carriage Awaits by samirant

Best Day (Best Use of "Have-A-Day" Prompt):
Rush by bigboobedcanuck

Judge's Choice Awards go to:
Happily Ever After by shellabelle81
The New Stepmom by semby

Thanks again to everyone who wrote for the challenge :)!
Tags: mod post, round one, winners post, yay!
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