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The Have-A-Day Challenge is closed!

Or, well....sort of. I know there are a few people who are ALMOST done with fics, and a few more who were having computer troubles. Since I won't be able to get the poll up until at least the wee hours of tomorrow morning, anyone who posts their entry BEFORE the poll goes up will still have their fic included. That's fair, right?

There have been some truly awesome submissions (Yay!), and I want to thank you all for writing such amazing stories. There's just so much to READ now, and I can't wait.

So, look for the poll soon, and then make sure to pimp it out to your friends. And any fic stragglers, you have a few more hours, so WRITE.

That's it for now :).

Tags: challenge closed (but not really), mod post, round one
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